Volante 32R (Spec Class Control Tyre)

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  • Volante is a new brand introduced by Korean company Muchmore that has several on-road specific tyres and accessories to offer. First up are a total of five touring car tyres ranging from soft 24R to a hard 36R compound. Coming in sets of four and as rubber only, pre-mounted or pre-glued variant the tyre rubber is especially designed to work in a variety of track conditions. The white disc rims, as well as moulded Type N and closed cell inserts are also available separately.

    In addition to the tyres the company also has two traction compounds to offer. Both contain heat-activated ingredients making the tyre sauces ideal for medium to high track temperatures and high-grip conditions. Also available is the Tire Refresher, a chemical that is best used to clean the bead area of the tyre and wheel from dust, dirt and oil residue prior to gluing.